Dr. Sanjay Balwant Kulkarni

Dr Sanjay B Kulkarni is the world leader in Urethroplasty. He has invented the Kulkarni technique of Panurethral Strictures which is recognized all over the world. The technique is performed widely, published in UCNA (Urology Clinics of North America) and Hinmans Atlas of urology. He has performed more than 5000 Urethroplasties in more than 35 Countries. He is a world-renowned Faculty, delivering guest lectures and conducting Urethroplasty workshop all around the world. He performs one of the highest number of Complex Pelvic fracture urethral distraction defect Urethroplasties in the world.

Recently he was awarded the Honorary Membership of BAUS (British Urology Association) and FRCS. He was the past president of GURS (Society of Genitourinary Reconstructive Urologists) and West Zone Chapter of Urology Society of India. He is the Vice President of SIU (Society International De Urology) .